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Winter Solstice Newsletter December 2021

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Happy Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year.

A Farm for All sits in gratitude for a sparkling year of vision and progress. We believe in our work: Provide access to land to underserved communities through events, skill sharing and volunteer opportunities.

Donations are gratefully accepted at PayPal. Paper checks or money orders made out to “A Farm for All!” can be sent USPS to 295 Duell Hollow Rd, Wingdale, NY 12594. It is through your generous donations that we have been able to gravel the driveway and work on the barn. Thank you!

We would like to thank all of the wonderful people who joined us this year to forward our mission: Shout out to: --Tori Ramos, our fabulous Groundskeeper who stepped into her role and brought all of her community experience to broaden our scope.

--Rashad, who recently moved to NYC and was looking for a new experience.

--Tinora, Christa, Eleanor, and Inno who came through to bring Eternal Prana to life. Tinora has also taken many of our lovely photos. --Amanda Longo, who’s first event - Eternal Prana - we were happy to host. She brought energy and light to the land. --Sebastian Castro, our long-term volunteer, who always shows up right when we need him. Sarah and Sunny who came through with their artistry and left us gems around the property.

--Mike Herrera, our dedicated board member who introduced us to many of these folks.

At the beginning of the year, we suspended our intentional community after two years of an unprecedented community of diverse souls. We realized that we were

trailblazers, but the toll of personality management blending traditional and marginalized communities into an intentional community setting was more than we could bear.

We emptied the house and opened it up for retreat space, which Mike was always interested in supporting. Immediately, his lovely associates came up and engaged in the space. Our ultimate goal is to have a cooperative of organizations that pay an annual fee for use of the space for retreats. We also realize that we need more staff to make this vision reality. Tori and Ben valiantly managed best they could, but we now know that we need four people to make the retreat space thrive. We have rented out the rooms here in late Autumn and will be doing so through 2022 as our one reliable source of income. We are ready for our annual endowment that will support our work in the years to come. We are in conversation with a couple of organization to make our vision a reality. Here’s to an abundant universe.

Donna Coane’s Winter Solstice event December 19th was well attended, and we had Mushroom log inoculation on the same day, inoculating twenty-five logs with Lion’s Mane and Shiitake. Mujeres Luchando para in Futuro Mejor (Women Fighting for a Better Future) Sharon Mountain Greens has brought us a delightful array of folks through the WWOOF ( program. Sharon Mountain Greens has expanded into new markets adding two grocery stores.

Happy Winter Solstice! The return of the sun. The team visited Stone Chambers for ceremony. We have journeyed through the darkest days of the year to be reborn with the return of the sun – a quickening, as we walk into our visions for 2022.

Sarah Elizabeth, director.

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