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Our Team at the Farm


Sarah Elisabeth, director

Sarah Elisabeth is Wise Woman Spiral, ( an apothecary, a consultant, an edible landscaper and a teacher. She has taught at Beacon Institute, African Roots Library and offered free herbal consultations at NOFA-NY’s Wellness Fair. She is Manager for Esopus Agricultural Center. She is a copy writer for her business and nonprofit work and has started a copy writing business Hornbeam Copywriting ( She has spent the last two years installing an herb garden at her teaching space Wildseed Community Farm & Healing Village ( She is on Facebook and Instagram as Wise Woman Spiral.


Ben Schwartz, farmer

Herbal Medicine Farmer and Herb Justice advocate Benjamin Schwartz has been growing gardens and running farms for twenty-four years.  He started with wilderness survival school at the age of twelve and started teaching medicinal plant and tree identification at seventeen. He spent years interning on different permaculture farms and now teaches classes. He spent the 2000's defending community gardens in the Bronx, New York and now hosts the gardeners at Farm For All!. He is a founding member of White Pine Community Farm Worker Cooperative. He is also doing solidarity work with a women's cooperative in Honduras and sets up radio stations for indigenous communities there.  He is currently perfecting a microgreens operation that he would like to teach to low income urban residents who don't have access to land beyond their apartments.

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